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é Advanced SPAce | hair & beauty

Architect:  diMN - Diego Martínez Navarro

Sevilla, 2017.

170 m2


Client:  ébanni

Contractor:  Silci, s.l.

Quantity surveyor:  Patricia San Martín

Carpentry:  Carpintería SPS, s.l.

Electrician:  José Cañadas

Installations:  Olmelán, s.l.l. (electr.)

Photos:  Fernando Alda

This new salon for ébanni is meant to be the pure representation of a working philosophy developed by the company. 


As if we were following a careful sequence, the approach is providing the workers & clients a tool in order to find the best way of feeling inspired during the experience, where every stop during the process discovers the user the next step for his goal.

The reception is not conceived as a big dead corner where people wait and pay the service. It's the first step on a personalized communication that follow the client in the process.

Strategy: Porosity

A path to discover. Ébanni’s working method is defined by very clear phases in this salon. Spatial organization reflects a more fluid set where no space is unused, but it’s really activated according that method.


N1. Reception, exhibitor, re-charge, installations.

N2. Media-TV, manicure

N3. Diagnosis A, exhibitors, slow laboratory, relax area

N4. Diagnosis B, exhibitors, Barber laboratory, wardrobe, relax area

N5. Diagnosis C, exhibitors, fast laboratory, relax area

N6. Beauty treatments, toilets, storage

why not also a social space?

Reminding us of a theatrical lobby, the central space becomes the social core where the necessary communication between workers and clients make possible all the process, from diagnosis to product saling and final service. Therefore, the standard waiting area has been removed out of the program due to its unproductive character, transforming into a crucial tool.

barber shop - working area

Product design has also been a goal int this saloon. All the styling units have been specially designed as simple, comfortable and useful devices, providing the whole salon an elegant atmosphere.

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